Knowledge Group

As well as providing access to local experts who have first hand experience of green energy installation, electric bicycles (purchace and repair), electric and hybrid cars the group has a range of books for loan. These are on display at each monthly meeting.

Village Direcrory

Village Directory of Events, Classes and Contacts

Please see the following link to the village directory of events, classes and contacts. This was started with the Parish Plan in 2012 - building on a millenium project by the WI who dropped a welcome leaflet to all newcomers in the village. Greener Waldringfield picked up the task in 2019 and every household received a printed copy of the Directory.

The latest 2022 directory has now beeen republished, and every household has received a hard copy. It will be regularly updated on this website.

If you have any suggestions as to how we might make it more relevant and attractive please get in touch.

Waldringfield Village Directory     Contact us:

COP 26

Waldringfield Climate Action March

A photo of the Waldringfield residents, and their bicycles, who joined Transition Woodbridge and others for a peaceful march on the Global Day of Climate Action, Saturday 6 November 2021.

And below a link to Ian Kay's take on COP 26 and how the UK and others are actually progressing.

COP26 The targets and progress to date

COP 26


The link to the first of 5 podcasts on COP26 is below. It looks at the need for local engagement and focused assistance from climate finance to help communities to adapt to regenerative projects that impact them negatively. Here is the link which also gives info on how to access podcasts for those who are new to them.

COP 26 podcasts

And follow this link for everything you need to know about the UN Climate summit - COP26

COP 26 - All you need to know
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