Phonebox rescue - Unsuccessful!

The group's aim was to adopt the redundant village phone kiosk in Mill road, re-siting and refurbishing it to become a community and visitor facility to signpost the events, attractions and highlights of the area ( heritage, wildlife, landscape, walking/cycling, wellness activities, sustainable living etc.) The group was extremely fortunate to have been awarded a substantial grant from the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) to make this possible.

The phonebox was also to display information for walking and cycling trails, refreshment stops, seasonal siting locations for wildlife and heritage sites or those of special scientific interest, and also local businesses providing sustainable produce, we had hoped to commission a local illustrator to produce maps and posters that will direct people to the routes and the information provided by the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, such as the Redshank Awareness work, and other resources produce by affiliated groups e.g. The Woodbridge and Waldringfield Cycle Explorer Guide. .

For residents the aim was to use the kiosk as a meeting and information point, a place to swap ideas, seeds, books, information, especially on wildlife and sustainable living, and provide village society and event information that the less connected cannot get from the internet or social media. The kiosk was to be a focal point for meeting and updates from village/local societies and avoid unsightly posters placed around the village. Being open all hours the kiosk would have augmented the information provided in the village hall and provide contact information for key people and groups in the community. Recognising the increase in mental health issues, the aim was also to provide both local and national contact information for people in need 24/7.

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