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The website you are viewing is hosted on a Raspberry pi Zero, located in the living room of a Greener Waldringfield member. The single board computer, shown next to its gateway router and the telephone hotline, is one of the smallest, low power and efficient computers available. Most Raspberry Pi Zeros are made in Wales and around 40 million have been produced. The Pi Zero uses the same Broadcom BCM2835 System on a Chip (SoC) as the first Raspberry Pi available in 2011, but with a clock speed increase from 700 MHz to 1 GHz. One of the limiting factors of this computer, as far as website development is concerned is the small memory of only 512Mbit. However, one of its most important features to us is its power comsumption of less than 2 Watts. It is hoped that this will be provided entirely by solar energy!

The site is currently under development and the group have looked at hosting options and website technologies, however the aim is to have an efficient green site in line with A Greener Waldringfield. Although it is possible to have free hosting and possibly very low energy expenditure from a large corporate hosting company, their ethical source of funds and green credentials could not match our self hosted installation.

The group have looked at using opensource community developed hardware and software where possible and although all the software meets the aims, alternatives to the pi Zero will be evaluated in the future. Both Apache and Nginx server software has been evaluated along with the use of containerisation, and a number of security models (Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS), Fail2ban, etc.) and locally developed scripts are being trialled with this site. This knowledge will be shared with other Greening organisations. If anyone would like more information please contact the website administrator. (home page)

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