Welcome to Waldringfield

Waldringfield is a popular location for walkers, cyclists and nature lovers as well as those looking to improve their health and well-being by either living or spending leisure time in this special location where they can experience the natural environment provided by the River Deben, its beaches and salt marshes as well as the surrounding countryside within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This includes water sports of all kinds, nature watching of rare migrating birds to resident seals and where we can enjoy the spectacular scenery that we now understand is threatened by climate change.

Greener Waldringfield is a voluntary non political group whose aim is to raise awareness of the special environment that we enjoy in Waldringfield and encourage sustainable behaviours that will ensure it is still here for future generations to enjoy.

We are looking for ways to improve the impact we have on our climate and the natural world to help sustain our beautiful planet into the future. We have currently ten pilot groups (see below) and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join and help us make Waldringfield a wildlife and environmentally friendly village.

Greener Waldringfield Constitution

Contact us: info@greenerwaldringfield.org

Our Pilot Groups for the Climate Emergency

Knowledge Group

The Knowledge group comprises local experts who understand the different aspects of the climate emergency and how it affects our community. A range of books for loan is also available covering a wide range of environmental topics.

Website Group

The group has developed this website in line with our low carbon sustainable aims. The server is a Raspberry pi Zero, which consumes less than 2 watts and is located in a local home. It will soon be powered entirely by a small solar panel.

Energy Group

A number of homes in the village have either installed solar panels or heat pumps and have experience of the benefits and issues. This group's aims are to provide alternative sustainable energy expertise and advice to the community.

Transport Group

The focus for the transport group is to link the many footpaths and routes suitable for cyclists together and ensure the safety of these road users The group also aims to increase the use of electric vehicles.

Biodiversity Group

The loss of habitat has been the main cause of the reduction in numbers of virtually all species of indiginous birds, mamals and insects over tha last 30 years. This group's focus is on rewilding and establishing wildlife corridors in the village.

Phonebox Group

An iconic phonebox in the village was threatened with scrapping. Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Sustainable Development Fund have awarded a substantial grant for its rescue to become a community and visitor facility.

Community Food Composting and Waste

A study conducted in 2011 found that the total global food waste to be around one-third of all food produced. The group is researching and promoting sustainable food production and composting.

Information Networking Group

This outreach group comprises GW members of local and other groups further afield, e.g. Martlesham Climate Action group and Transition Woodbridge who are responsible for ensuring our work fits with the wider climate action initiatives.

Health Group

The general mental health of the community has been severley impacted by modern living and recently the pandemic. Support groups and other initiatives to improve mental and physical health are being formed.

Church / Faith Groups

The Church of England owns over 100,000 acres of land and is in a unique position to help nature. Many churchyards have been transformed to become havens for wildlife. The group is secular and welcomes all.

Repair Cafe

A successful Repair Cafe event was held prior to lockdown in 2020. Local experts and members of Ipswich Makerspace successfully returned radios, furniture, porcelain etc. to working order. A talk on climate change was also very well attended.

Please get in touch to get involved!

All very welcome at:

Next meeting TBA, August at Rivendell, Cliff Road, Waldringfield

Next Repair Cafe, 18th September, 10:30 - 2:30pm Waldringfield Village Hall.